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Hello Mitr, love the voice of luck to everyone. “Have you played the lottery today yet?” Greet each other according to the language of the lottery player. Today, Uncle has a great story. Pamper the followers with the calculation of lucky numbers such as ‘lottery formula’ to leave, along with the story of the number of birthdays Who was born on what day And want to know Himself has outstanding numbers, auspicious numbers Or what lucky number Must follow today Because these numbers can be calculated according to the lottery formula

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Government lottery formula
You don’t have to be a saint to be a god. For the lottery formula for bringing riches that Uncle will present today Can think in many ways, many numbers, the top 3, the lower 2 numbers to have practice calculating practice Before being used as a guideline for winning the government lottery Which the lottery formula that Lung Tin introduced this Uncle didn’t think of it by himself. But borrowing from these recipes That he can reveal Bring it to us all to see Is a knowledge and way of each other

Bottom 2 prominent number formula
Let’s start with the first lottery formula. This formula is calculated from the 1st prize and the 2nd prize for the first 3 digits. The method of this formula is Use the hundred thousand digits of the 1st prize, add the number of hundreds and the unit of the prize, the first 3 digits for the 2nd time, and add a fixed number that is 8, will receive 2 numbers

Then bring the number of units that have been added to the fixed number is 2 and then add that number to add 2 again, you will get 3 outstanding numbers that will be used to bet the bottom 2 prizes. Wait, uncle will write it for 1 time.

Lottery formula
Accurate lottery formula, bottom 2 outstanding numbers

340388 + 733 (1st prize and 2nd prize for the first 3 digits) will get 3 + 7 + 3 and add fixed number +8 = 21
Take the digit number of 21 and put it in your mind. 1 + 2 = 3 Subtract 3 +2 = 5 to get 3 prominent numbers 1-3-5.
Bring these 3 outstanding numbers to match, play the bottom 2 numbers.

Lottery formula for top 3 numbers
Lottery formula, this formula, underground lottery fans like it very much, because the top 3 numbers are really straight for a period, everyone has been dreaming about it. I need to gradually understand each other.

Lottery formula This formula starts with us taking the 1st prize number as the starting number first. And use 3 page numbers for the 1st time, the formula for finding the hundred digits, we use Hundreds of digits of the 1st prize are added 2 times and added to the thousands digit 1 time, the hundred digits 1 time and the unit digit 2 times, then added to the hundredth place of the prize, 3 front numbers 2 times and added to the fixed number is 7. Including a 2-digit number, use the unit digit as the first and add 1 point. Use it as the second one. May be confused, do not see a single example, write it better.

Lottery formulas are valid throughout the year.
Top 3 lottery formulas

812564 + 255 (1st prize and 1st prize of 3 page numbers 1st prize)
8 + 8 + 2 + 5 + 4 + 4 + 2 + 2 + 7 = 42 We will use the unit digit as the first one. And counting 1 more will be 2-3 numbers, this even number will be the hundred digits of 3 numbers.

812564 + 255 How to find ten digits like this
2 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 3 = 25 Use the first digit of the unit. And adding 2 additional numbers, the resulting number will be 5-7, this one is the tens.
Finding the unit digit Will use only the 1st prize number only How to calculate as follows

8 + 2 + 6 + 6 + 1 = 23 Use the digit number as usual as the first one. And add 2 more, you will get the number of digits, the unit is 3-5, we take all these numbers to bet 2-3 5-7 3-5 This series will be used to bet the top 3 numbers Lottery

Formula 2 straight bottom
This formula is not difficult to calculate. And the results are quite direct and Numbers to be calculated It will be the 1st prize of the previous draw and the last 3 numbers, the 1st time, we will divide the calculation into 2 sets, that is, take these numbers to add together 2 times to get that 2-digit number. For example, everyone gradually thinks individually, they will understand by themselves.


812564 + 598 (1st prize and the last 3 final numbers 1st prize) Calculation We will use the tens of thousands of the 1st prize plus the ones digit. And add it with a constant number, which is number 2. The result will be taken out by the unit digit. Uncle write a positive method so you won’t be confused.
1 + 4 + 2 = 7. Take the number 7 and write it in your mind.

Next is to find the main number of units of the prize, the bottom 2 numbers, that is, the digits of the hundred thousand are added to the tens of thousands. And add ten digits 3 times, then add to the ten digits of the prize, the last 3 digits, add them together 2 times and add to the number digits 2 times and subtract the fixed number, which is -2. Sir

8 + 1 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 9 + 9 + 8 + 8-2 = 59 We will use the unit digit number, which is the number 9, we will then have the outstanding number that will be placed on the bottom 2 numbers. Anyway Which we can catch these 4 numbers to collide, whether it is 79 71 99 91 2 numbers will get as follows

The top 2 formulas are accurate.
This formula will use the 1st prize number as a calculation number only. Let’s start by finding the ten digits first. That is, we are going to add the hundred digits and add them to the unit digits. And add a fixed number that is 1, then add a number to add 1 and add 1, if the number is 2 digits, we will use the unit digit number as a set.

Government Lottery Formula
Top 2 lottery formulas

510541 (1st prize of the previous draw) The formula is calculated as follows: 5 + 1 + 1 = 7, take this number as the tens digit.
How to find unit digits Will add the hundred thousand digits to be added to the tens of thousands And add the thousand digits 2 times, add the hundred digits two more times, and add the constant number, which is the number 8. Write a formula like this.

5 + 1 + 0 + 0 + 5 + 5 + 8 = 24, use the unit digit number, you will get the bottom 2 numbers, which is 74, we can bring it back 47, these 2 numbers will be the result of the top 2 numbers. in

Next installment

How are you doing? All 4 lottery formulas to get rich. Uncle Tin is interesting, not bad at all. Think about it, write it and try to calculate it Who likes which recipe? It works or doesn’t work Say hello to Uncle Tin at the page “Uncle Tin, the lottery player, ruay website”. Before I leave, Uncle Tin Would like to introduce a few auspicious numbers for the birthday In case these numbers will be played as a lucky number, lucky lottery, this draw, Mang Lottery. The number of birthdays is as follows

Auspicious number for the day of birth
All people are born with their own numbers. And we ourselves are always tied to numbers as well Today, Uncle Tin will tell you the auspicious numbers for each day of birth Who was born on which day? Want to know what his number is Let’s go and see.

People born on Monday, the auspicious number is 2-4-6.
People born on Tuesday, the auspicious number is 5-7-9.
People born on Wednesday (daytime), the auspicious number is 2-4-5.
People born on Wednesday (night), the auspicious number is 2-3-7.
People born on Thursday, the auspicious number is 1-2-6.
People born on Friday, the auspicious number is 3-4-5.
People born on Saturday, the auspicious number is 3-6-8.
People born on Sunday, the auspicious number is 4-5-7.

The details of each number In the next opportunity, Uncle will come and tell you more details. For today, I have to leave first. May everyone who is FC, Uncle Tin, will win the lottery, get rich, burgundy every draw. Oh !!!! Amen!

Finding lucky numbers, lucky lottery, this draw Most of the time, people prefer to look for it from holy places. Including envelope lottery, green card lottery, that various websites offer, whether it is a lucky number, Thai Rath Reverend Father Pak Daeng lottery Lucky number for this draw, Ma Si Mok But there are many lottery fans who are popular to calculate the lucky numbers from the lottery formula Which the accurate lottery formula beside him, Lung Tin has only brought some In order to make lottery fans, fans who follow investments, try to figure out a lucky number Perhaps fortune will bring luck and win the lottery Receive the prize of the government lottery, it is possible