Lotto Online Beginner Guide

Hello, I will introduce this article about playing online lottery. Many people here are probably best known as “Underground Lottery”, but there may be some beginners who still do not understand what it is, what that name means. Today I will explain to you to understand.

Warning, playing the lottery is a type of gambling. Because you don’t know how to know what the prize will be If you are interested to study Please play with caution and consciousness every time you place a bet. Otherwise, your money and time may be wasted. The best way is recommended to play for entertainment is the best.

Its principles are quite easy to understand. You just need to guess the numbers 00-99 in case of 2 prizes and 000-999 in the case of 3 prizes, the difficulty depends on the number of numbers. The more numbers (2, 3, 4, 5), the more rewards you get. And the difficulty of winning the prize increases as well

What is the lure of the gambler is the “prize money”.

In general, payouts are at least 90x and multiply as the number of digits increases. For example You bet with 100 baht.

If you win 2 prizes you will get cash back 100 * 90 = 9,000 baht.
If you win 3 prizes, you will get cash back 100 * 900 = 90,000 baht.
With a relatively high prize money And the simplicity of betting Causing some Thai people to like to play lottery underground very much That is why this market continues to grow despite the domestic economy countering it.

Vocabulary of the lottery industry
Of course, in the lottery industry There are many terms that many people may not be familiar with. That is the real reason for this article. By the way, the author will raise the lottery on September 16, 2020 that has just recently been released as an example to explain the details.

Lottery on 16 September 2020
Lottery on 16 September 2020

The words that are often heard are upper and lower.

The top – or the top – is the prize based on the 1st prize number 244083.
The top 2 numbers mean the last 2 prize numbers of the 1st prize, which is 83.
The top 3 numbers refer to the last 3 prize numbers of the 1st prize, namely 083.

The bottom – or the bottom – is the prize of 2 separate characters, namely 57.
So the bottom 2 numbers refer to the 2 prize numbers, that is, 57.
Because the award “bottom” does not have three digits Therefore there are no lower 3 awards

Note: The bottom 3 prizes in the picture are the lower 3 prizes separately. As with the bottom 2, it is not related to the 1st prize or any prize. In most cases, they will call the latter 3 more than To prevent mistaken for the top 3

Swipe is to buy numbers. By focusing on the numbers that interest you For example
You get lucky numbers from Office A by saying that this draw is definitely 9. Buy 2 prize numbers with 9 in the composition:

Swipe Page 9 – 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
Swipe back 9 – 09 19 29 39 49 59 69 79 89 99
Swiping 19 doors is to swipe the front + swipe back and cut the number 99 out, 1 number will leave exactly 19 numbers.

Back is to buy numbers With reversing the position of that toy as well For example
Good House B gives numbers 19 and 39 if you buy them and Do not forget the reverse number by buying 19 and 91, and 39 and 93 are purchases in case the prize numbers may be swapped.

In which the lottery industry will have another kind of reversal, especially numbers 6 and 9, both of which are similar. Just swap the head and tail. Therefore, in case of example You may need to buy 1 more pair, for example:

Buy 19 and 91 and buy 16 and 61 for another layer of sticky.

Hold is the number that the dealer sees that there is a high chance of winning. Therefore reduced the prize money For example
In the period, there are numbers such as 23 as a prominent number, which generally the casino will have a payout rate of 23 at 90 baht, but in this case it is a number like the pundit so that the casino does not want to pay out a lot. too Therefore control the number to become unlimited numbers The normal payout is 90 times your stake, it may be left 80 70 60 50 35 and so on, it simply means that if you win the number 23 you will receive a lower payout. Because the number is suppressed from the dealer

Advantages of online lottery
Can bet a lot less
Some websites accept a minimum of 1 baht and can win up to 90 times the prize, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on betting.

No need to check the lottery by yourself
The website of the service provider will be automatically reviewed after the award is issued. Make it comfortable Just bet and win.

Easy to buy – can be canceled.
Sometimes you may change your mind. Or get a new number You can cancel the list before the time the lottery is released. So you don’t have to waste money for free on the numbers you don’t want

The minimum top-up is only 1 baht.
You do not need to spend large sums of money to play online lottery, just 1 baht you can play immediately. And many websites have automatic top up systems You do not have to inform the slip anymore.

Earn more money than the government lottery
Compared with the last 2 prizes if you won the lottery. You get only 2000 baht (where you invest in lottery for 80 baht). Instead, if you bring 80 baht to buy the last 2 numbers on the online lottery website. If you win a prize, you will receive a maximum of 7200 baht, many times more than the government’s

Always have the number you need.
No problem with walking to the lottery stand and the numbers you want are gone. But if you buy online It will always have your number in front of you. However, do not forget that you hurry and buy early because if the purchase is close to the issue date Resulting in that number can be withheld
Disadvantages of online lottery
Unlimited numbers are normal.
In order to prevent injury to the dealer Having a number of numbers is considered normal in the online lottery, underground lottery.

Have the opportunity to pay late or not. Depends on the credibility of the dealer
Depends on the reliability of

The dealer, but most of them rarely have a dealer that bucks money now.

The web crashes as the award draws near.
Caution when playing online lottery is that on the date the lottery will be issued. There will be more access to the service than usual There is a chance that the website crashes, the website is so slow that you can not bet. Therefore, it is important to allow time for it, maybe 1 day before the lottery is released. And another good thing is that unlimited numbers usually come in the last days

Too many related terms
Reverse numbers It may confuse newbies and do not want to play online lottery at all.

Easy access may make it easier to lose money.
Of course, these casinos are open 24 hours a day, so play around with your sanity, and if you lose your mind, you can create a debt.

It’s all over for information on how to play the online lottery The author hopes that readers will be more or less helpful on this topic. But as mentioned above Recommended to play for entertainment. Don’t take gambling too much. In addition to losing money, there is also a chance of losing school, job loss, and family problems.