Tricks how to get 100% win rate in Online Lotto

Hello Mitr, love the voice of luck to everyone. “Have you played the lottery today yet?” Greet each other according to the language of the lottery player. Today, Uncle has a great story. Pamper the followers with the calculation of lucky numbers such as ‘lottery formula’ to leave, along with the story of the number of birthdays Who was born on what day And want to know Himself has outstanding numbers, auspicious numbers Or what lucky number Must follow today Because these numbers can be calculated according to the lottery formula

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Government lottery formula
You don’t have to be a saint to be a god. For the lottery formula for bringing riches that Uncle will present today Can think in many ways, many numbers, the top 3, the lower 2 numbers to have practice calculating practice Before being used as a guideline for winning the government lottery Which the lottery formula that Lung Tin introduced this Uncle didn’t think of it by himself. But borrowing from these recipes That he can reveal Bring it to us all to see Is a knowledge and way of each other

Bottom 2 prominent number formula
Let’s start with the first lottery formula. This formula is calculated from the 1st prize and the 2nd prize for the first 3 digits. The method of this formula is Use the hundred thousand digits of the 1st prize, add the number of hundreds and the unit of the prize, the first 3 digits for the 2nd time, and add a fixed number that is 8, will receive 2 numbers

Then bring the number of units that have been added to the fixed number is 2 and then add that number to add 2 again, you will get 3 outstanding numbers that will be used to bet the bottom 2 prizes. Wait, uncle will write it for 1 time.

Lottery formula
Accurate lottery formula, bottom 2 outstanding numbers

340388 + 733 (1st prize and 2nd prize for the first 3 digits) will get 3 + 7 + 3 and add fixed number +8 = 21
Take the digit number of 21 and put it in your mind. 1 + 2 = 3 Subtract 3 +2 = 5 to get 3 prominent numbers 1-3-5.
Bring these 3 outstanding numbers to match, play the bottom 2 numbers.

Lottery formula for top 3 numbers
Lottery formula, this formula, underground lottery fans like it very much, because the top 3 numbers are really straight for a period, everyone has been dreaming about it. I need to gradually understand each other.

Lottery formula This formula starts with us taking the 1st prize number as the starting number first. And use 3 page numbers for the 1st time, the formula for finding the hundred digits, we use Hundreds of digits of the 1st prize are added 2 times and added to the thousands digit 1 time, the hundred digits 1 time and the unit digit 2 times, then added to the hundredth place of the prize, 3 front numbers 2 times and added to the fixed number is 7. Including a 2-digit number, use the unit digit as the first and add 1 point. Use it as the second one. May be confused, do not see a single example, write it better.

Lottery formulas are valid throughout the year.
Top 3 lottery formulas

812564 + 255 (1st prize and 1st prize of 3 page numbers 1st prize)
8 + 8 + 2 + 5 + 4 + 4 + 2 + 2 + 7 = 42 We will use the unit digit as the first one. And counting 1 more will be 2-3 numbers, this even number will be the hundred digits of 3 numbers.

812564 + 255 How to find ten digits like this
2 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 3 = 25 Use the first digit of the unit. And adding 2 additional numbers, the resulting number will be 5-7, this one is the tens.
Finding the unit digit Will use only the 1st prize number only How to calculate as follows

8 + 2 + 6 + 6 + 1 = 23 Use the digit number as usual as the first one. And add 2 more, you will get the number of digits, the unit is 3-5, we take all these numbers to bet 2-3 5-7 3-5 This series will be used to bet the top 3 numbers Lottery

Formula 2 straight bottom
This formula is not difficult to calculate. And the results are quite direct and Numbers to be calculated It will be the 1st prize of the previous draw and the last 3 numbers, the 1st time, we will divide the calculation into 2 sets, that is, take these numbers to add together 2 times to get that 2-digit number. For example, everyone gradually thinks individually, they will understand by themselves.


812564 + 598 (1st prize and the last 3 final numbers 1st prize) Calculation We will use the tens of thousands of the 1st prize plus the ones digit. And add it with a constant number, which is number 2. The result will be taken out by the unit digit. Uncle write a positive method so you won’t be confused.
1 + 4 + 2 = 7. Take the number 7 and write it in your mind.

Next is to find the main number of units of the prize, the bottom 2 numbers, that is, the digits of the hundred thousand are added to the tens of thousands. And add ten digits 3 times, then add to the ten digits of the prize, the last 3 digits, add them together 2 times and add to the number digits 2 times and subtract the fixed number, which is -2. Sir

8 + 1 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 9 + 9 + 8 + 8-2 = 59 We will use the unit digit number, which is the number 9, we will then have the outstanding number that will be placed on the bottom 2 numbers. Anyway Which we can catch these 4 numbers to collide, whether it is 79 71 99 91 2 numbers will get as follows

The top 2 formulas are accurate.
This formula will use the 1st prize number as a calculation number only. Let’s start by finding the ten digits first. That is, we are going to add the hundred digits and add them to the unit digits. And add a fixed number that is 1, then add a number to add 1 and add 1, if the number is 2 digits, we will use the unit digit number as a set.

Government Lottery Formula
Top 2 lottery formulas

510541 (1st prize of the previous draw) The formula is calculated as follows: 5 + 1 + 1 = 7, take this number as the tens digit.
How to find unit digits Will add the hundred thousand digits to be added to the tens of thousands And add the thousand digits 2 times, add the hundred digits two more times, and add the constant number, which is the number 8. Write a formula like this.

5 + 1 + 0 + 0 + 5 + 5 + 8 = 24, use the unit digit number, you will get the bottom 2 numbers, which is 74, we can bring it back 47, these 2 numbers will be the result of the top 2 numbers. in

Next installment

How are you doing? All 4 lottery formulas to get rich. Uncle Tin is interesting, not bad at all. Think about it, write it and try to calculate it Who likes which recipe? It works or doesn’t work Say hello to Uncle Tin at the page “Uncle Tin, the lottery player, ruay website”. Before I leave, Uncle Tin Would like to introduce a few auspicious numbers for the birthday In case these numbers will be played as a lucky number, lucky lottery, this draw, Mang Lottery. The number of birthdays is as follows

Auspicious number for the day of birth
All people are born with their own numbers. And we ourselves are always tied to numbers as well Today, Uncle Tin will tell you the auspicious numbers for each day of birth Who was born on which day? Want to know what his number is Let’s go and see.

People born on Monday, the auspicious number is 2-4-6.
People born on Tuesday, the auspicious number is 5-7-9.
People born on Wednesday (daytime), the auspicious number is 2-4-5.
People born on Wednesday (night), the auspicious number is 2-3-7.
People born on Thursday, the auspicious number is 1-2-6.
People born on Friday, the auspicious number is 3-4-5.
People born on Saturday, the auspicious number is 3-6-8.
People born on Sunday, the auspicious number is 4-5-7.

The details of each number In the next opportunity, Uncle will come and tell you more details. For today, I have to leave first. May everyone who is FC, Uncle Tin, will win the lottery, get rich, burgundy every draw. Oh !!!! Amen!

Finding lucky numbers, lucky lottery, this draw Most of the time, people prefer to look for it from holy places. Including envelope lottery, green card lottery, that various websites offer, whether it is a lucky number, Thai Rath Reverend Father Pak Daeng lottery Lucky number for this draw, Ma Si Mok But there are many lottery fans who are popular to calculate the lucky numbers from the lottery formula Which the accurate lottery formula beside him, Lung Tin has only brought some In order to make lottery fans, fans who follow investments, try to figure out a lucky number Perhaps fortune will bring luck and win the lottery Receive the prize of the government lottery, it is possible

Lotto Online Beginner Guide

Hello, I will introduce this article about playing online lottery. Many people here are probably best known as “Underground Lottery”, but there may be some beginners who still do not understand what it is, what that name means. Today I will explain to you to understand.

Warning, playing the lottery is a type of gambling. Because you don’t know how to know what the prize will be If you are interested to study Please play with caution and consciousness every time you place a bet. Otherwise, your money and time may be wasted. The best way is recommended to play for entertainment is the best.

Its principles are quite easy to understand. You just need to guess the numbers 00-99 in case of 2 prizes and 000-999 in the case of 3 prizes, the difficulty depends on the number of numbers. The more numbers (2, 3, 4, 5), the more rewards you get. And the difficulty of winning the prize increases as well

What is the lure of the gambler is the “prize money”.

In general, payouts are at least 90x and multiply as the number of digits increases. For example You bet with 100 baht.

If you win 2 prizes you will get cash back 100 * 90 = 9,000 baht.
If you win 3 prizes, you will get cash back 100 * 900 = 90,000 baht.
With a relatively high prize money And the simplicity of betting Causing some Thai people to like to play lottery underground very much That is why this market continues to grow despite the domestic economy countering it.

Vocabulary of the lottery industry
Of course, in the lottery industry There are many terms that many people may not be familiar with. That is the real reason for this article. By the way, the author will raise the lottery on September 16, 2020 that has just recently been released as an example to explain the details.

Lottery on 16 September 2020
Lottery on 16 September 2020

The words that are often heard are upper and lower.

The top – or the top – is the prize based on the 1st prize number 244083.
The top 2 numbers mean the last 2 prize numbers of the 1st prize, which is 83.
The top 3 numbers refer to the last 3 prize numbers of the 1st prize, namely 083.

The bottom – or the bottom – is the prize of 2 separate characters, namely 57.
So the bottom 2 numbers refer to the 2 prize numbers, that is, 57.
Because the award “bottom” does not have three digits Therefore there are no lower 3 awards

Note: The bottom 3 prizes in the picture are the lower 3 prizes separately. As with the bottom 2, it is not related to the 1st prize or any prize. In most cases, they will call the latter 3 more than To prevent mistaken for the top 3

Swipe is to buy numbers. By focusing on the numbers that interest you For example
You get lucky numbers from Office A by saying that this draw is definitely 9. Buy 2 prize numbers with 9 in the composition:

Swipe Page 9 – 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
Swipe back 9 – 09 19 29 39 49 59 69 79 89 99
Swiping 19 doors is to swipe the front + swipe back and cut the number 99 out, 1 number will leave exactly 19 numbers.

Back is to buy numbers With reversing the position of that toy as well For example
Good House B gives numbers 19 and 39 if you buy them and Do not forget the reverse number by buying 19 and 91, and 39 and 93 are purchases in case the prize numbers may be swapped.

In which the lottery industry will have another kind of reversal, especially numbers 6 and 9, both of which are similar. Just swap the head and tail. Therefore, in case of example You may need to buy 1 more pair, for example:

Buy 19 and 91 and buy 16 and 61 for another layer of sticky.

Hold is the number that the dealer sees that there is a high chance of winning. Therefore reduced the prize money For example
In the period, there are numbers such as 23 as a prominent number, which generally the casino will have a payout rate of 23 at 90 baht, but in this case it is a number like the pundit so that the casino does not want to pay out a lot. too Therefore control the number to become unlimited numbers The normal payout is 90 times your stake, it may be left 80 70 60 50 35 and so on, it simply means that if you win the number 23 you will receive a lower payout. Because the number is suppressed from the dealer

Advantages of online lottery
Can bet a lot less
Some websites accept a minimum of 1 baht and can win up to 90 times the prize, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on betting.

No need to check the lottery by yourself
The website of the service provider will be automatically reviewed after the award is issued. Make it comfortable Just bet and win.

Easy to buy – can be canceled.
Sometimes you may change your mind. Or get a new number You can cancel the list before the time the lottery is released. So you don’t have to waste money for free on the numbers you don’t want

The minimum top-up is only 1 baht.
You do not need to spend large sums of money to play online lottery, just 1 baht you can play immediately. And many websites have automatic top up systems You do not have to inform the slip anymore.

Earn more money than the government lottery
Compared with the last 2 prizes if you won the lottery. You get only 2000 baht (where you invest in lottery for 80 baht). Instead, if you bring 80 baht to buy the last 2 numbers on the online lottery website. If you win a prize, you will receive a maximum of 7200 baht, many times more than the government’s

Always have the number you need.
No problem with walking to the lottery stand and the numbers you want are gone. But if you buy online It will always have your number in front of you. However, do not forget that you hurry and buy early because if the purchase is close to the issue date Resulting in that number can be withheld
Disadvantages of online lottery
Unlimited numbers are normal.
In order to prevent injury to the dealer Having a number of numbers is considered normal in the online lottery, underground lottery.

Have the opportunity to pay late or not. Depends on the credibility of the dealer
Depends on the reliability of

The dealer, but most of them rarely have a dealer that bucks money now.

The web crashes as the award draws near.
Caution when playing online lottery is that on the date the lottery will be issued. There will be more access to the service than usual There is a chance that the website crashes, the website is so slow that you can not bet. Therefore, it is important to allow time for it, maybe 1 day before the lottery is released. And another good thing is that unlimited numbers usually come in the last days

Too many related terms
Reverse numbers It may confuse newbies and do not want to play online lottery at all.

Easy access may make it easier to lose money.
Of course, these casinos are open 24 hours a day, so play around with your sanity, and if you lose your mind, you can create a debt.

It’s all over for information on how to play the online lottery The author hopes that readers will be more or less helpful on this topic. But as mentioned above Recommended to play for entertainment. Don’t take gambling too much. In addition to losing money, there is also a chance of losing school, job loss, and family problems.

Get lose on Online Betting

Hello, after I wrote an introduction to Binary Options, one time Binary Options made easy money, paid real money starting with just $ 10! It was for this reason that it caused me to actually trade and it was in real pain. To share those experiences with you and apply them to yourself. So as not to have a tragic event like me

For the first time, in this article, I will tell you the details from depositing money into your account to start trading. By requesting to skip the membership application process


  1. Add Money
    To begin with, my total funds are around $ 15, which is Bitcoin. Such transfers are credited to my account. Must go through the channels specified in the picture

ipoption deposit
Ways to top up your iqoption account and bonus amount

The problem is that Iqoption does not support Bitcoin transfers, so I had to transfer the funds from Blockchain (Bitcoin online wallet) -> to Skrill first and then I can transfer funds to Iqoption as a last step.

Blockchain -> Skrill -> Iqoption

How to transfer money from Blockchain to Skrill is not that difficult, just log in to your Skrill account then select Upload, it will appear as in the picture.

Upload money to Skrill
Top-up channels for Skrill

Most top-up methods pay a minimum 1.0% fee, then choose Bitcoin and press Continue to the next step.

Upload to Skrill 2
Fill in the desired amount in baht and display the amount of the fee payable 1%.

After that, you just need to transfer funds from Blockchain to Bitcoin Address as shown on the screen. One of the disadvantages of this type of transfer is It may take a long time for the funds to appear in your account. You can see from the figure below. Account entry that I uploaded money into, it took from 16:13 until the credited account 20:41 (Status changed to Deposit)

bitcoin to Skrill

Once the funds have been credited to my Skrill account, I did not wait to transfer the funds to. Which is the terminal The amount I have transferred is shown at Amount Sent: 15.00 USD.

But do not forget that Charges in Skrill will be in the same currency as the country where your account is linked. (If I remember correctly), here is the Thai baht (THB) currency, the disadvantage is obvious, you will be hit by the exchange rate as you can see. Exchange Rate Used: $ 1 = 37.6 THB, which is more expensive than the actual currency. About 2 baht / dollar, in total, for me to transfer money to IQOption amount of $ 15, I have to spend 564.64 baht in total.

upload to iqoption

Wait a minute, your money is in your account. Is completed Waiting for you to be refined in the next step.

Skrill To Iqoption

  1. Set up the Chart
    Here are some things you need to prepare before starting to trade:

Chart – This is for viewing currency changes, as well as having tools to help analyze how much the currency is going up or down. We recommend TradingView.
Indicators – There is a chart, and you need indicators too, so you don’t trade in the wrong direction. At least you can buy the right way, it will be the best. Which I choose to use mainly is Alligator, but I would like to not go into details about Forex trading, try to search in Google. There are many tutorials.
My trading method begins with Select the currency pair to trade. Here, I chose EUR / USD and then did the same with the chart, selecting the EUR / USD currency.


Then you will see the Chart page as shown in the figure below.

eurusd chart

At the top bar, look for Indicators, press it once and a screen will appear like the picture. You can choose to use whichever indicators you are comfortable with. For me, I will be using Alligator mainly for trading, so I choose Williams Alligator.

indicator selection

Alligator Selection

Another important issue is Time Frame. Personally, I prefer to use it from 1 hour – 1 day so as not to misplace chart analysis from the main trend. You can choose Time Frame according to the picture.

time frame selection

The principle of using the Williams Alligator is quite simple. Because there will be 3 lines (green, red, blue) overlapping with the candle chart

When you see the intersection of all three lines in an upward direction -> you can trade on the Call side, notice from the green frame.
When you see the intersection of all three lines in a downward direction -> you can trade on the Put side, notice from the green frame.
Alligator basic use

When you have received a signal that you are confident that you can make a profit. The next step is to actually trade in IQOption’s Trade Room. It must be said that IQOption offers several trading options, such as a PC program, a mobile application, and a trading page on its website. You can choose the channel that is the most convenient and have the stability of the internet as well. Because trading is updated in Real Time, a slight price move could damage your money.

  1. It s Time to Trade
    After logging in to your IQOption account, you can start trading by clicking Trade Now to enter the Trade Room that looks like the picture below.

IQOption Trade Room

I have written this article. After trading has finished about 2 weeks, there may be some information that is not updated according to the current time, for example the current currency.

The currency pairs that I choose to trade are EUR / USD because they usually have returns ranging from 60-85%, which ranks at the top of all currency pairs. The display of the currency you are trading will appear on the far right side of the screen. As the picture below

IQOption CAll Put

The thing you need to focus on the most before you trade is the rightmost tab. Consisting of

Time – Age of the race.

Big Win from E-sport Betting

How to bet on E-sport game, new online sports betting from Sbobet website, E-sport game or e-sport is a game competition. Electronic sports Online video games There are both individual and team. Which is gaining immense popularity among gamblers who choose to use the service of the webbet. Online gambling sites Number one in the world Thailand is one of them too. Which is open for everyone to enjoy Online sports betting This new genre has been around for a long time. There are a variety of games to choose from every day. If you win, you will receive a huge prize. E-sport betting in 2020 is generating a number of folds in popularity. After the world faced the problem of the coronavirus outbreak. Which affects everything, even the sports world The gambling industry is the same. Sports betting enthusiasts are unable to face football betting problems because the game has been suspended indefinitely. So do other sports, but esport isn’t in all situations. All of you can enjoy betting 24 hours a day, choose to read by topic of interest, recommend E-sport, what games does sbobet website have League of Legends: LOL Dota2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) HearthStone : Heroes of Warcraft Overwatch FIFA How to choose to bet on E-sport of Sbobet website, how to play for money, recommend E-sport, what games does Sbobet have? There are many types of sporting events E-sport, such as fighting games, strategy games, sports games, etc. e-sport Thailand has often organized competitions.Let’s see which games are the most popular. Of the players Betting on esports games What games are there? League of Legends: LOL lol e-sports game League of Legends: LOL (League of Legends) is another game that is played on PC, which has the most players in e-sport. The number of players 100 million. People from all over the world And with views of up to 60 million people within a month, it also made history with an average of 7.5 million players per hour. Making it the most streamed game in the world Its style is battle planning. Destroy enemy bases first to win. By leveraging a unique strategy for destruction Of course, betting on sbobets is to let the gambler choose which side will be able to destroy who’s base first. Dota2, esport, Dota2, or dota 2, some may call it the DotA 2 Godfather. Of MOBA games or home hit games The favorite player who likes strategy games (RTS) is to build a team to destroy the enemy by beating the fort against the home of the opposite side. The more there are cool items Even easier to break Losing and Win Settlement, which is an alternative to esport betting in the betting site, just choose which team will beat the tower and the other’s home first and win. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) live esport results Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) or CS: GO online FPS (first-person shooter) video game or trigger. Simple, it is a game of fighting or fighting between police and criminals. Help hostage There are shooting guns, dropping bombs, and many more superior weapons. This game is considered to be the most chosen e-sports game in online sports betting websites, the more exciting the live esport results are, HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft E-sports competition Digital collectible card game ( CCG) like HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft is a card game. Another game that has attracted the attention of players all over the world. It has 70 million players shortly after launch. How to play is to choose a monster card into the battlefield to start attacking until your opponent’s health is depleted. Of course, E-sports matches and betting is all about choosing which side will win. Make the right choice and get your winnings. Overwatch, bet on e-sport Overwatch or Overwatch video game FPS shooting game from major gaming camps like Blizzard, which is special over other shooting games. In that each character can adjust the attack skills differently. As many as 40 million people played the game shortly after its release. And the award guarantees the success of the most popular games from various fields. Of course, this e-sport betting game has become equally popular, even in Sbobet. Anyone can choose to play every day FIFA esports FIFA Online or FIFA games group of sports games. Received feedback from a lot of players now. Because of the Covid-19 situation too, the current is getting stronger. Because many people who like football betting, when there is no live football betting to choose from, many people turn to try to enjoy betting on this game more. Although the methods for placing bets are different. But many people like it because they know the results quickly, easy to play, just choose which team will win only. Then choose to click on e-sports (menu on the left hand side) or game (menu on the top) if you choose to click on the game, select esports again to enter the betting page for all esports games. Let’s see how you can choose to play and make money with these online video games betting e-sport betting once you’ve entered the E-sport betting page. The screen will display a list of all the games that are open for placing bets. By telling the name of the game Teams competing, odds, including when to start the match Which you can choose to play either Predict results or live betting that can be seen at the same time stream as well. For those who want to play a specific game, they can choose the game they want by themselves on the left hand menu bar This will tell you the name of the game and the number of items that are open for bets. Sports E-sport For an example of the bet we recommend today, I would like to choose an esports game DOTA2. Click on the menu row on the left hand side.

Online Lottery Gets to Know

Online lottery baht 900 per baht in today’s society. Online lottery betting is more common when you know the advantages of online lottery. How is it different from the underground lottery? Including the habits of human beings who love the matter of playing with more fortunes. Because of the risk of luck by playing anything as if making the living of human beings like us Get more lively Because some people have been working to save money all their lives, they are not busy with risking luck, even once they are not rich. Well, it’s not good, the money saved has to be taken to treat yourself when you are old. But on the other hand, if any person is lucky enough to win the online lottery, they may instantly become rich. Or at least, living a life that is full of fun and excitement will cause the body to release endophins when people are releasing this substance frequently. Will result in the body to use this substance against various diseases As well Especially cancer, whose patients have been cured from this substance. Therefore, it makes us know that the life of one person to have fun with anything is considered necessary no less. And betting games that use the chance to risk the most fortunes must be raised to the stock lottery, online lottery website, 900 baht per person, easy to play, pay high, online lottery betting site, 900 baht per underground lottery with a modern online system. most With a website layout that is easy to use Quick results Modern lottery betting system, online lottery betting, runs on a Cloud Server system that guarantees no failures, of course, 100% safe. We are accepting Thai government lottery betting. Vietnam lottery betting, Malaysian lottery betting, Thai stock lottery betting Foreign lottery betting Highlights of the online lottery betting website High financial stability, high pay, large discounts Customers can call for lottery tickets in 2 forms, receive discounts and not receive discounts, bet anywhere, every device, can bet on lottery every day, 24 hours a day, Thai government lottery tickets, 900 baht per person can start Lottery tickets can be made from the 10th and 25th every month, closing 15.30 hrs. Of the day the lottery was issued. Comes with a maximum payout rate of 900/130 baht per baht, a huge discount of 30%, pay 550/70, the minimum bet is only 1 baht, no unlimited number, you can place all samples fully deposit-withdrawal service 24 hours a day. Online lottery online, online lottery, online lottery payout rates Online lottery payout rates Rewards when you bet on the right lottery But each form of lottery betting will have a very different payout rate. In addition, online lottery betting It depends on the dealer how much he will pay high. Including the one that can choose to receive a discount for what rate, what percentage Table showing the rate of online lottery, government lottery, series lottery, Lao lottery, Hanoi lottery, Yi Kee lottery, stock lottery, foreign stock lottery What kind of lottery bet, pay more, pay less Online lottery betting with a stable website And give a higher rate of return when betting on the correct lottery Advantages of online lottery and the difference of underground lottery Playing online lottery, 900 baht per baht, can bet on any number No matter how loud the lucky number is Is a bookmaker with no limit Unlike the underground lottery, when there is a number that is a little loud, it closes stubbornly. Or some of the bookmakers, but pay only half. Some draws are closed and there will be no remaining numbers to bet at all, and then like this, players are going to find good numbers and come to numbers.Why do we know how much Thai people care about finding numbers? Some people have even reached the stage of investing in order to have a lucky number to have fun. Closing later than anyone, friends, lottery betting website can be opened to players. Bet on lottery online until 3:30 p.m. The remaining few minutes, the lottery will be issued. This is something that is very pleasing to the lottery fans because everyone has not the same free time. Some people may just realize that today the lottery is out. Or someone just dreamed of getting a lucky number If it’s the underground lottery dealer, the slowest is before noon. Because the recipient has to choose a number to put in Another online lottery website as well, causing you to hurry to close it quickly for fear that the lottery will not be delivered in time. As most underground lottery dealers do not dare to take the risk of taking it themselves. Because sending to the lottery website will get difference in price, discount and various promotions Causing the underground dealer to make this profit Would it be better if players bet the lottery with Online lottery website directly In order to receive full money for one person Without having to go through the middle again Importantly, online lottery earns money quickly. When is it right? The website will clear the money immediately. Unlike a lottery dealer that has to wait at least 1 day or some that are slow for several days, there is LOTTO betting online lottery. Online football betting, the prize will be issued as a final lottery 3 numbers and 2 numbers. In addition, in the government lottery prize draw It is divided into 3 straight characters, 3 totes, 2 top numbers, 2 lower ones. You hit one of the characters in the lottery. You will receive a prize as specified. Which will have different prize money But not long after, in 2006, after the coup. Has an order to cancel the lottery on the soil With the government of Gen. Surayut Chulanon, when he knew the lottery on the ground Let’s get to know the underground lottery. Believe that many of you may know each other very well. The underground lottery is established within the community By writing 2-3 numbers used to play lottery numbers on a paper commonly known as chit by specifying the numbers you want to buy with the price, you can buy underground lottery tickets with the walker or the lottery dealer directly. By issuing the prize will be based on the final number of the Government Lottery If won, the lottery dealer will pay all the money you will receive. Thai government lottery

To get 100% Win rate on Online Baccarat

Baccarat scams, online gambling or online casinos There are various forms such as Baccarat, Slots, Roulette, Sic Bo, Poker and many more. And a place that can be played anywhere via computers, mobile devices, or large sources in Poipet, Cambodia Tachilek, Myanmar Savannakhet, Laos, and where “Baccarat” is going to be the game with the most cheats among games available in casinos.

Gamblers who go to play both online and in casinos are both possible and lost. But in the casino there are services for the gambler to use, whether it is drinks, food and intoxication, as well as accommodations that are provided for all gamblers to relax. Comfortable Fully serviced Because that is what makes the player. Or those who use the service feel the desire to continue gambling Until I forget the day, forget the night, how long time has passed Because of that in the casino Always on bright lights This is considered a strategy Or casino scams To make those who receive the service The gambler who has entered to play has played and does not want to leave that casino ever !!

Baccarat scam
How to play baccarat online?
Many people may be wondering. How do you play online baccarat? The online baccarat is an easy way to play, in which the game uses 6 to 8 cards for each deck.There are 52 cards in total, for a total of 312 to 416 cards. Is the employee who works in front of the table Who dealt with cards, which will be dealt to 2 cards each side and will not exceed 3 cards if there is a draw By this online baccarat There will be only two players on the banker side, the “Banker” side, which is represented by red or blue. And the “Player” player side, which is represented by blue or red And there are three other options: place on a tie bet between the player’s hand and the dealer, “Tie Game”, or place on a bet where the Player’s side will draw a pair or face of the same card. In the first 2 cards, “Player Pair” bet on the ball.

And finally place a bet on the banker side The pair will be issued or the same card face in the first 2 cards, “Banker Pair”, which the casino has provided with up to 5 options for the bettor to place bets or choose the side to bet. In addition to having options Various stabbing The player himself can choose the room. To go into play or go stab Which is good for another bookmaker who can choose for himself entirely This is considered an advantage of online baccarat games. That are provided to the player or the bookmaker at the online casino. Can’t cheat or play tricks if in online games.

Baccarat in casinos, what scams are there?
Next, we’ll talk about some of the baccarat cheats available in Baccarat games! Because Baccarat is regarded as the most popular game. Whether it is in an online casino Or in real casinos located in different locations In neighboring countries Because of that, Baccarat. Is a game that comes in the form of playing cards With the dealer to deal the cards And that is considered a dealer In control of the game all Therefore, it is very easy to have a cheat happen. If the dealer will change the cards Or shuffling the cards in order to make the higher betting side lose And it would be good for the casino itself to have more money than that in the eye. For example Player or bookmaker There is a ping-pong bet, meaning in the event that there is an alternate win loss result, it is estimated that red, blue, red, blue, red, blue.

And then being adjacent to each other, the casino or the dealer will arrange the cards out in a dragon pattern, meaning in the event of a win or loss result. Came out the same all the time, like that Red, red, red, blue, blue, blue So as not to let the players or the bookmakers win and get money Or if the dealer deals the cards and wins all the time, then the next card will be dealt. But when the dealer deals the cards, the player or the bettor always wins. The casino will promptly change to a new dealer. If you do not work. The casino will find other methods such as temporarily discontinuing play. In order to draw the game at a disadvantage to the players. If the player or the bettor has actually entered the casino, they will definitely see how the game progresses. This is considered a scam of baccarat in casinos. Which was able to make a huge profit for the casino to this day.

Because of the baccarat game It is a game that many people play. Despite how many cheats there are Does not make people less popular and interested at all Because of the simple game format, not complicated or difficult to place bets. Has a good description of the game As a result, players or gamblers are fascinated to play this game. Although the casino has cheats, but the players and gamblers think different methods or formulas. That will be used to win the prize money From this game Which there are many different recipes Or can be compared to that When the casino has a scam Players have a formula that will be used to win money as well. Each formula Given, it must use analytical thinking. Together to see results Then you can believe that Certainly not too difficult for the players Just that every player who plays Yes, you must be conscious of playing every time. If playing and then getting the money that they have set their goals It is wise to stop and withdraw that money. The same is the case in the actual casino. If the player has received the money, they should exchange their money back. Then come out as soon as possible, do not be greedy because we greedy does not benefit anyone. So if the casino will have any scam. Certainly can’t do anything the players

Which the above text has said all of this It is obvious that when the game of Baccarat has entered the world of online games then. It is very difficult for a casino or a dealer to cheat a player. But if a player has the opportunity to play in the casino. Please look at the dealer. And the style of playing the game well Because there might be some hidden cheats But if talking about the game of baccarat Both online baccarat and baccarat

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Online football betting website, sports betting service provider, guarantees entertainment throughout its membership. With promotions, real giveaways, win many prizes There are 2 channels of access to sbobet link: Play through the website with mobile. Which depends on the members that it is most convenient to play football betting Members can watch live football for all leagues here. It is available to view both domestic and international, so you do not miss every match. Modern with an automatic deposit-withdrawal system, fast, safe, with a team to serve you 24 hours a day, there is also an online casino to play. Win even more fun by broadcasting live from real places. And there are also online lottery betting that will make you enjoy continuously every 2 times in 1 month for the website sbobet also contains content about playing various games. Can read to understand Including the playing formula of every betting game For the main betting types of sbobet, there will be a ball step and favorite football, this time will be introduced on the “ball step” or ball set itself.

What is soccer step on the online football betting website?
It is a form of betting on several pairs of football at the same time. Most of the time, there must be at least 3 pairs of football betting and the money received from that bet will increase steadily. If you bet correctly, you will receive a huge amount of reward. This makes the majority of members with the ability to bet on multiple pairs will choose this path directly. But you must not make even one pair wrong. Which, if you can do it, get your prize money

What are the advantages of a ball step?

  1. Amount received
  2. Make a small bet

How to calculate football money steps to do?

It is not difficult to make money with football steps. Just multiply our money by all odds, you will get a number of prize money that we will receive.For example, you bet on football steps 200 baht, the team bet on 1, the price is 1.89, the team bet on 2, the price is 1.76 teams. Bet on 3, the price is 1.99, equal to 200 x 1.89 x 1.76x 1.99 will get 1323.9072 baht, see how much just invest 200 baht will make you get much money. But anyway, if you are a beginner, it is recommended that you study the play well first. The details of the set soccer are very easy to understand, nothing complicated, most of the rules are small for that set football, it is another option for members who want to play a low investment with a high winnings, making it very popular. If you want to play with our website, you can apply as a member immediately and receive many promotions today.

How to choose which website is good?
Football betting is one of the most popular bets as well as other types of bets. Which is now easily accessible to everyone from all over the world Able to find many football betting websites But where is the football betting website the best football betting website? Which can be found here

That you will choose a football betting website is another decision that members trust. Because members have to transfer money first in order to get a User Password to play This is something that has to be lost in exchange for trust in that website and other parts of the decision making such as bonuses, promotions, cash deposits and withdrawals. How fast Including the difference in service after membership For members who think that football betting will have a matter of cheating the results of the match or not. Having said that, this is not feasible as the football matches will be broadcast live and the live scores are updated, thus eliminating this problem.

Football betting website, as I mentioned earlier, that members can easily find it nowadays. But what is important is which football betting site is good and meets the needs of members the most. Which has methods for choosing a football website to build confidence in the selection as follows

  1. A reliable football betting website
    Football betting must choose a website that looks good and standard Which many of you may have already seen that each football betting website looks like Which, when seen from the website, can be confident that members will have to sort out immediately Because the website that is not standard makes it vulnerable to closing the web
  2. Talk to people who have actually used the service.
    Talking with friends or active members This makes it more reliable than reading reviews from anywhere because reviews may be real or fake in today’s world. Therefore, when having friends or acquaintances, making inquiries about football betting is not as difficult as you might think, with the number of members constantly increasing Including the number of people to use it
  3. Bonuses and promotions
    Bonuses and promotions It is another thing that can attract new and old members as well. But one thing that is absolutely impossible is to do business and then make a loss. Probably nowhere to say that betting on football only 100 will get 10,000 or 1 hundred thousand easily, just follow the conditions that are as simple as that.
  4. Customer service must be excellent.
    Good football betting, the service must be good, the football betting service provider must be good means that the service provider has a systematic work, has a certain working process and serves members who want to consult any problem, no matter what. Up every time Because each member has a different usage time all the time.